Vitual AGM

Comply with the New Companies Act and manage your AGM virtually

The Bastion Approach:

Here is an opportunity to now give your shareholders the option to attend your AGM virtually. Bastion has an exciting new offering which will allow for virtual attendance via webcast and conference call including recording and transcription of minutes.

The process is as follows:

Bastion will send out a branded HTML invitation giving the shareholder the option to either attend in person or attend the AGM virtually via a link to a webcast and telephone numbers for a conference call system.

The HTML mailer will provide details of the AGM (date, time etc,) and details to be able to call into a SA toll number. A webcast link for the AGM will also be provided.

All sound equipment including balanced telephone unit will be supplied so sound can be seamlessly transferred to the bridge, where it is then disseminated to the webcast and conference call.

This process can handle up to 50 conference callers and 500 webcast views.

The minutes of the meeting will be automatically recorded and transcribed to be supplied to client for archiving and record keeping purposes.

Q & A facilities will be provided for both webcast and conference calls.

Should a slide presentation take place at the AGM this can also be loaded onto the webcast simultaneously?

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