Aims and Objectives

Bastion is an Investor Relations services company with an innate understanding of financial reporting and the needs of our clients. With this knowledge we offer clients an end-to-end communications solution from research to design and implementation across a broad range of media, timeously and efficiently.


  • maintain a small base of top clients, thus facilitating individual attention
  • source a strong network of resources to meet and sustain clients' needs
  • maintain competitive rates while delivering a first class service
  • are committed to on time delivery of quality products
  • aim to interlink service offering with clients' needs by researching international trends on an ongoing basis
  • continually strive for a content rich experience that is contextually relevant and rewarding by creating solutions that enhance readability and functionality of documents and websites
  • have team members with a vested long term interest in the company, ensuring that strong lasting relationships are forged with clients and achieving significant benefits for clients and members alike


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