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Online Reporting

Bastion’s award winning online reporting expertise provides your company with a specialised and comprehensive time-efficient service, combining relevant content and user-friendly practicality with brand enhancing design.

Our service offering includes designing, building, maintaining and hosting custom built sites which may include content management systems and navigation, share price feeds and products specifically developed for our investor relations markets.

Bastion’s experience in online reporting dates back to initial rumbles of change.  In South Africa, one of the boldest starts in online reporting was created when Dimension Data sent out a AR cover with a list of links and a stiffy disk inserted for their 2000 Annual Report.. The JSE pushed for a document and got one, but the stunt had the required impact.

With share registers increasing on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of Online Reports has increased enormously. Bastion positioned itself directly in this market and has the proud reputation of creating some of the best examples of online reports, recognized internationally as well as locally, a testament to the sites we build.  Not to mention, producing the JSE’s own online annual reports.

Our online reporting commitment is to:

Deliver Investor and Annual reports as they are released on SENS & in the time it takes to print the document.

Corporate, Investor and Transactional websites

Knowing how to build specialised sites for communication to and from Investors has been the main thrust of Bastion’s online department since its inception in 2002. Working for mining clients with large shareholder bases globally created the opportunity to develop sites that catered for as many types of users as possible. Using user perspective for practical flow has allowed us to create sites that disseminate information to users quickly and in a logical way, without all the technical jargon.

Since inception our reputation and division has grown substantially.  Not just our mining clients have felt the need to ensure effective communication with investors, but now our client list has expanded to include a variety of sectors including telecoms, ICT, healthcare as well as retail sector clients.
Transactional websites take into account significant transactions entered into by corporate and are used as a basis to keep the market informed. Our experience in this field include the defense of Gold Fields against the hostile bid by Harmony, Kumba Resources’ BEE website and MTN’s Investcom LLC transaction.

The information is presented for your investors on the web, and the site is then maintained to keep users up to date as and when further information is released.

Should you require information on any of the above services, please contact us for more information.



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